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About Jageshwar Temple

Jageshwar is surrounded by trees of deodar Reaching this place you heart feels a spiritual feeling. This is a quiet and calm place free from traffic noise and chaos of big cities.

There are 12 jyotrilings in India one of them in Jageshwar temple which make Jageshwar temple different from other shiva temles in Kumaon region Jageshwar temple is built by rulers of Chand dynasty in between 10th century, later reinstated by Aadi guru Shankaracharya Jageshwar temple is not a single temple it is group of 124 temples.

You will be amazed seeing a 100 year old 62.80 meter high deodar tree of 8.10 diameters in Jageshwar temple Previouly there were tow huge deodar trees, one was rooted out by storm. Two streams Nandini and Surabhi flow down the hills and meet near is Shravan month according Hindu religion year calendar held eary year is shravan month.
Devotees of Lord Shiva come from evry part of North India to pray their Lord Shiva in Sharavan month